Elvis in Speedway

Elvis in Speedway

On the set of Speedway

Elvis on the set of Speedway with Nancy Sinatra

Source: The Icon: Elvis 

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    Elvis History 1967

    Elvis History 19671967, Elvis Presley was working on his twenty-seventh film Speedway

    1967, Elvis Presley was working on his twenty-seventh film Speedway co-starring Nancy Sinatra at the MGM Soundstage, Hollywood, California. ‪#‎elvis‬ ‪#‎speedway‬ ‪#‎nancysinatra‬

    Source: Legacy Recordings

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      Elvis Puzzlemania: Speedway 1

      Elvis Puzzlemania: Speedway

      Test your skills, trying to recompose this picture. It’s really very simple, first choose the difficulty level and then click on the individual pieces to join them. Just using your mouse you can move them where you want…

      Try it now and have fun !!!

      From the movie “Speedway”
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